Compost is some of the best stuff you can give your vegetable gardens or flower gardens, for that matter. If you have never used compost before, this article contains a lot of tips you can use to get started making your own bin. You will know what kinds of compost bins there are and also what you need to build your own.

When you are saving your scraps for your compost bin, you do not want to run outside and throw them in every time you have something to put in it. A good thing to do is to keep a bucket inside to put them in. You will also not want to keep a bunch of organic scraps around under the sink or on the counter either. This might attract bugs or rodents. Try keeping your bucket in the freezer either in the kitchen or in a deep freezer. You will keep the odor down and the pests away.

Always turn your compost every day or every few days. You will encourage the rotting of the organic materials this way. If you do not turn your compost pile, you will not have the richest compost that you can and essentially have a pile of rotting veggies that will also attract more bugs and smell worse than compost already does.

When you are putting materials in your compost pile, always make sure you keep a good balance of manure and veggies. You want an even mixture. Too much of one thing will not create the best compost that you can have.

You will also not want to add too many acidic materials or, on the other hand, too many alkaline ones. Keep a even mixture of these as well, as this will ensure you are not putting too much of one thing on plants that might not be able to handle it.

When you are looking for a place to put your compost bin, try putting it in the full sun. This will promote the rotting of vegetables, and you will have the best compost this way. Do not put your compost bin in a shady area. Although it will rot and create compost, it will not do so as fast, and you will end up with a big mess on your hands. Heat is needed to create good compost.

You want earthworms to live in your compost pile; you might even want to introduce some to the environment. The more earthworms you have, the better your compost will be. They will not only eat and excrete the organic materials, they will add their own benefits to the compost as well.

If you are going to add paper to your compost pile, you should use a shredder before you do. This will make it easier for the paper to integrate itself into your compost. Do not use paper that has a large amount of heavy inks, etc. This is not good for your plants.

Use all your veggie and egg shell scraps from the kitchen that you have. You will also want to use your leaves, grass clippings, twigs, etc. from your yard. A good variety will make sure that you have an even and rich compost to place on your garden.

A compost bin provides you with a endless and free supply of fertilizer that will have your backyard garden looking like a professional grew it.

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