Roclith Blankets is a personalized blanket company operating in Petersburg, West Virginia.  Beginning as Roclith Creations in Laurel, Maryland in the early 1970s, Roclith began as a distributor of knitting machine parts and importer of coned yarns for the U.S. cottage knitting industry.  As clothing manufacturing moved overseas in the 1980s, the import business relocated to West Virginia to scale down, but still be centrally located along the East Coast of the U.S. to continue to supply customers.  In 2000, Roclith Blankets was born and has seen sales steadily rise over the years as personalized products become more and more in demand.  In addition to knitting under their Roclith Blankets label, Roclith has knit product for several major brand name catalogs.  Each Roclith blanket is created individually, adding personalization of names, dates, and more to the knit blanket as it is produced, not just simply embroidering personalization on top of an existing blanket. Roclith Blankets plans for fast paced growth over the next year as their Internet presence is increased, sales reps are added, and sales displays are revamped for gift shops and boutiques.