Names for dogs are as varied as names for people, and you are likely to hear all kinds of different answers when you ask owners what they have named their best friends. Dogs may have a classic name, such as Fido or Rover, which have stood the test of time. Dogs may also have a trendy name like Jax or Milo, which is popular and fun for the moment. Other dogs have absolutely unique dog names that are all their own.

Unique Dog Names

Some dogs owners prefer for their dogs to have unique names. Inspiration for naming dogs is everywhere. Some people name their dogs after a favorite brand such as Versace or Gucci. Others may name their dogs after a favorite food like Pancake or Taco. An unusual name can also come from technology. Examples are Icon, Modem and Browser. Every dog deserves a special name, and a unique name can be perfect for the very unusual pooch.

Newer Dog Names

Many people like to give their dogs trendy, popular names. Today’s trendy names for dogs are often the same as baby names for people, which means you’ll likely hear the same names called at the playground and the dog park. Another trend is naming your dog after a famous television character or celebrity. Following trends is fun for dog owners. Some trendy dog names are Chloe, Max, Jax and Layla.

Traditional Names

You can’t go wrong with a classic name for your dog, try an old favorite like Fido, Rover or Blue. You can also go with descriptive names like Blackie and Boots. Classic television names can also be a traditional option. Names like Lassie and Benjy have stood the test of time and are likely to continue to be popular well into the future. When you give your dog a traditional name, you show that you value the classics.

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